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GoatThroat™ Pumps A New Ingredient in an Old Family Recipe

Since 1938, the owners of Stancato’s family restaurant in Parma, Ohio have delighted area residents by serving fine Italian cuisine made from time-honored family recipes.  For almost 60 years, Stancatos hand mixed the family’s spaghetti sauce and Italian salad dressing, bottling some of the 20-gallon per day output to sell directly to customers.

In 2005, third-generation owners Perry and Matt Stancato saw new opportunity in these take-away products, so they began to look for more efficient and economical ways to produce them.  Transitioning from purchasing the core ingredients such as oil and vinegar in one-gallon containers, they began purchasing 55-gallon drums. That reduced costs but created a new challenge – how to easily dispense the liquids.  The first problem was that the heavy drums had to be maneuvered into position to rest on their sides, the second was that the traditional taps were both messy and wasteful.  To solve the problems, they purchased several GoatThroat™ Pumps. The pumps enabled them to neatly and efficiently pump oil and vinegar directly from upright drums.

Taking production to the next level, the restaurant owners purchased a canning facility in Canton, Ohio. The new vision was to manufacture the family’s sauce and dressing products for distribution to the retail markets.

They moved the salad dressing production to the Canton facility. The factory’s production manager easily incorporated the pumps, along with their equipment companion, the BillyGoat Shop Air Adapter™, into the production process.  Their output more than quadrupled.

The plant’s production manager, Scott Six says, “We love the pumps because the flow is great.There’s no pulsing and at four gallons a minute, it is plenty of volume for our purposes. The shop air adapter makes it all even easier”.

With the help of additional GoatThroat™ products, the facility will incorporate the pumps into the process of dispensing the final dressing product, which due to the potential clog-factor from the herbs and seasonings requires special consideration. Stancatos will also use pumps in their spaghetti sauce production. Products are scheduled to be on grocers’ shelves later this year.

GoatThroat™ Pumps have been widely used in a broad range of manufacturing and laboratory applications, as well as in food production in several overseas locations, including Australia’s Yalumba Winery.