How to Save Your Arm with Our No-Crank Drum Hand Pump

drum hand pumpImagine that you’re sitting at the dinner table with your family and begin to notice that lifting the fork to your mouth is sending a twinge of pain up your arm. You did spend a while hand cranking 50 gallons of fluid into another container at work today but you didn’t think much of it except that it took so long!

This might sound dramatic but the day-to-day repetitive movements you do at work can gradually lead to debilitating pain or even result in a repetitive stress injury or RSI. We designed our no-crank drum hand pump to put an end to RSIs associated with the continuous need to crank required by most hand pumps.

Tell Me More About RSI’s…

Did you know that repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are one of the most common injuries in the manufacturing, automotive, and countless other industries? While it may not seem painful at first, repetitive motions such as using a crank hand pump can quietly and insidiously become a much bigger problem that can affect you or your employees’ health, efficiency at work, and wellbeing. 

The long-term effects of a repetitive stress injury can turn daily movements like brushing your teeth or lifting relatively light objects into a painful chore. Our no-crank drum hand pump is a simple and effective solution to prevent you and your crew from injury and time-wasting!

How Does This No-Crank Drum Hand Pump Work?

The GoatThroat pump stays pressurized after just a few pumps of the piston, and is designed to dispense liquids in a smooth, continuous flow at the touch of a button. Not only does this save a lot of your energy during the day, but you also have the option of an adjustable flow rate, unlike an ordinary hand pump that requires repetitive hand cranking to dispense liquid.

Check out this valued customer’s demonstration video of our GoatThroat pump system:

YouTube video


Let our drum hand pump do the work for you and save your arm from injuries and your business from workers comp claims! Explore our pumps or call (866) 639-4628 to speak with a real pump expert about your needs.