Acetone for Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Shop – Integrity Auto Specialists uses GoatThroat for Safety with Acetone

In just over a decade, Integrity Auto Specialists has grown into a dynamic leader in the auto reconditioning business with over 25
fleet operations from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains. When a car dealership receives truck load of cars which have
traveled hundreds – or thousands of miles on the flat bed, many times there are small chips in the paint and chrome from rocks and debris. Integrity Auto Specialists craftsmen fix these so the customer gets a perfect car.

At the Chesapeake, Virginia Headquarters, technicians fill 1 gallon container of proprietary mixed thinners for distribution to the
craftsmen at the centers throughout the US. Using a pull action pump with leather seal, the technicians had problems with the fluid when the pump seals failed.. In 2002, in an effort to create a more responsible corporate environmental strategy, and to improve worker safety, Integrity Auto switched to GoatThroat Pumps for this filling station. Early in 2003, after several months of use without any problems or failures, management bought a GoatThroat pump for each of its service centers throughout the
US for dispensing acetone.

Kept in a safety cabinet because it is a regulated flammable, acetone is used regularly throughout the day. The 55 gallon drum must
have bonding and grounding wires attached prior to dispensing the acetone. John George, manager of the Western Region, points out that his people are still using the GoatThroat after 10 years. “The previous pump which we used lasted only a few months
before it began to fail. We had to throw it away because it was too much trouble to replace the leather seal. We have been using our
GoatThroat as a hand pump for over 3 years. We have had to replace the tap o-ring a couple of times, but the whole replacement takes less that 5 minutes, and then we are ready to go again.

Recently, we added the BillyGoat Shop Air adapter which eliminates pumping the container by hand, and are very pleased with it. The shop air adapter is set at 2psi which is a very low pressure, and our fluids are always ready for use when ever we need them . We simply open up the tap and dispense a quart or a gallon depending on our need. These pumps have eliminated VOCs from the acetone drum except when we are dispensing it. This tool has improved the safety of our workers and helped us to be more compliant with local regulations. And we don’t spend time cleaning up spills any more.”