Controlling Coolants

Munro Muffler uses GoatThroat to Pump and Pour…….

Automobile repair shops use a broad range of fluids including oils, and coolants. Service technicians and managers are always searching for the best, most efficient ways to handle them. Inventory management is a critical component of the manager’s
day to day operation. One issue which constantly arises is that the available fluid transfer methods offer little control for the fluid transfer from the large 30 and 55 gallon containers. Additionally, the available pumps breakdown regularly and need to be replaced which is costly to the bottom line. A Munro service technician in Milford, Connecticut had this very dilemma. The standard drum pump which he used added so much air into the coolant that there was always a 15 -20 minute lag time between pumping the fluid and adding it to the engine. There is always plenty to do around this busy shop, so waiting for the fluid to be ready, was not an effective use of personnel time. Shane started looking looked for a pump which would provide better results and give him the control in dispensing. Introduced to GoatThroat by a customer, he decided to give it a try.

“My boss was a little skeptical because no one had ever heard of GoatThroat. We have now been using our pump for over 3 years and it’s great. The coolant comes out in a steady stream, with no bubbles, ready to use. This is better than anything I have ever seen. And ultimately, this is a great cost saver for my company because none of the technicians are waiting to work .”