DEF Handling Solutions

Because the purity of Diesel Exhaust Fluid is critical, it is essential to use DEF handling systems which maintain purity while delivering exceptional performance at an affordable price. GoatThroat DEF systems comply with the ISO Standards for proper handling of DEF and uses the same breakthrough technology which has made GoatThroat the most trusted name in point of use transfer pumps. The self-contained sealed systems prevent contaminants from entering the barrel, and provide top of the line purity for DEF.

GoatThroat polypropylene pumps work by pressurizing the container. A few strokes of this idea mobile chemical pump allow for smooth, safe dispensing at rates up to 4GPM. The system includes a pump, 12-inch standoff to allow the top of  the barrel to be used as a shelf, a buttress adapter for easy  barrel interface, a 5-foot delivery hose, a 40 inch siphon tube.  automatic internal pressure relief at 8 psig and a hand operated pressure release.

An air regulator adapter can be added for pneumatic operation which is especially useful with long hose lengths. The air filter is recommended to guarantee purity. An optional remote discharge tap allows finger tip control at the end of the hose, and a meter can be added to the remote tap.

A worldwide leader in environmentally preferable liquid transfer solutions, GoatThroat Pumps are designed to fit containers and barrels from 5 to 55 gallons,  are available in four models for chemical compatibility, and have a cost effective life span of 10-15 years. They provide spill proof, safe transfer of over 1800 liquids and solvents.