Earth Supplied Products – Pumping Beauty

Cosmetics Manufacturer Improves Processes Thanks to GoatThroat Pumps

For the passed fifteen years, Florida-based Earth Supplied Products has its hand in the beauty formulas of a wide variety of cosmetics giants like Estee Lauder, Avon and Revlon just to name a few. Catering primarily to companies based on the East Coast, Earth Supplied Products specializes in providing natural, hand-mixed cosmetic additives and ingredients to the personal care and cosmetic industries. Earth Supplied Products uses oils from natural sources like Black Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Cotton Seeds, Pecans and even Pumpkins.

These oils, purchased in 55-gallon drums, are normally dispensed from a traditional spigot style tap. The problem for company owner Peter Boncelet was the process of tapping them, which required each cumbersome 500-pound, 55-gallon drum to first be tipped onto its side. The act of tipping the large heavy cylinders was complicated and potentially dangerous. In addition, having the drums lying down on their sides took up a considerable amount of space.

Wanting to improve worker safety, Boncelet conducted an Internet search that lead to his discovery of GoatThroat™ Pumps. He purchased one. Living up to its claim, the pump worked perfectly when inserted atop the upright drum. In addition to eliminating the tipping problem, the pump performed excellently at volumes up to four gallons per minute, with oils of all types and weights. Because it pressurized the drums, the pump made drawing fluid and emptying drums much easier than with the gravity-fed spigot. Providing improved volume control and increased accuracy, the pump eliminated waste and reduced costs. “The pumps have turned out to be a safe and smart solution for us”, says Boncelet.

“Not only are they more convenient, they are really cost effective. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. They eliminate the potential safety risk. And they can be easily cleaned, sanitized and re-used.” GoatThroat Pumps are made of chemical grade polypropylene, and all components meet U.S. FDA requirements under CFR Title 21, sections 170-199. The pumps can be used to dispense over 700 different fluids in any industry application that requires easy, safe and cost effective fluid transfer/decanting. With a unique range of adapters for just about any opening, GoattThroa Pumps can pressurize any container from 5 to 55-gallons in seconds. And with an optional remote tap system, a pump can easily deliver fluids up to a distance of ten feet from the drum.