Fleet Operations use GoatThroat for Brake Wash and DEF


An important lynchpin to customer service and customer retention is a smooth operating auto fleet service center. Most fleet operations use a broad range of chemicals including degreasers, windshield fluids among others, and they are always searching for the best, most efficient ways to handle them. Inventory management is a critical component of the manager’s day to day operation. Questions that always arise are whether it is better to purchase smaller, more manageable quantities of the fluid at higher prices which can be poured directly out of a 1 gallon or a 5 gallon container or to purchase larger quantities and then have to deal with transferring the fluids out of the container safely. To top it off, OSHA and EPA have increased environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations so decision making in this area is critical.

A service manager in Connecticut recently faced this dilemma. To save money for his company, he began purchasing 30 gallon containers of a very evaporative degreaser together with the recommended dispensing pump. However, he found that the recommended pump did not seal off the bung hole and all of the expected saving were evaporating into the air. Further, VOC’s such as hexane and methanol in the air are not healthy for workers, so the concern for the health and safety of the workers became very important. He looked for a pump which would eliminate the evaporation and give him the control in dispensing. Finally he purchased a GoatThroat Pump. According to the manager, “We don’t have problems with evaporation any more. My workers are no longer exposed to the hexane and methanol in the air. We can pump 1 or 2 strokes with the piston and then the drip proof faucet lets us dispense exactly how much degreasing fluid we need to fill our canisters. This is a great cost saver for my company because the volume buying is working and now we are delivering the fluids safely for the guys in the shop.”