Improving Chemical Process Safety

“When your products’ manufacturing processes involve mixing chemicals, your workers’ safety and EPA compliance are always at the forefront of the business,” said Brad Dagy owner of Ridgway Industries. Dagy’s Pennsylvania based company manufactures cleaners and detergents for both home and industrial use. A few close calls with chemical spills made Dagy realize that a manufacturing process that involved tipping and taping heavy 55-gallon drums of chemicals, leaky spigots and transfer containers meant that injury and chemical disaster were always one slip-of-hand away. Spills threaten worker and environmental safety as much as they did the bottom line in costly liquid inventory waste and lost production time.

Taking cues from the EPA’s information on Process Hazard Analysis, Dagy’s safety manager searched the Internet, finding a cost-effective solution from Westcott Industries in their award-winning GT Multi-Pump Dispensing System. The System enabled Ridgway to dispense multiple chemicals at a rate of 4gpm from their individual upright drums, using just a single air line set at 4psi. The system allows fluids to be transferred directly to their point-of-use and dispensed with accuracy from a spring-activated nozzle.

The pumping equipment, made of polypropylene, is one of the most chemically resistant plastics, so they are compatible with Ridgway’s chemical list, as well as more than 1700 chemicals and fluids. The added bonuses, the pumps empty drums to eliminate waste and comply with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act guidelines for disposal. Pumps typically last for years and replacement parts are available.

For Ridgway, GoatThroat Pumps provided a single solution to process safety and productivity. They have been pumping chemicals without incident since 2006.