Safe Chemical Handling Improves Bottom Line in Controlling Phytophthora Root Root

Rancho Rodoro, is a 40 acre avocado and lemon tree farm located in the Santa Clara River Valley of California. Owner Randall Axell divides his time between soil and pest management and improving crop production. Rancho Rodoro uses integrated practices which help to reduce Phytophthora Root Rot (PPR) spread.

Until recently, Axell has been using trunk injection of phosphoric acid just prior to the initiation of new root growth in May and August which is standard application methods for phosphites. Using PhosGrowTM by International Chemical Group which is registered in California as a fertilizer he recovered 6 acres of moderately diseased trees since 2004 and has a thriving avocado grove. While this method is very appropriate for moderate to severely diseased trees, it is overkill for control and disinfection of slightly diseased areas of the orchard.

Phosphite Delivery System

Wanting to apply the phosphites via his existing irrigation system, Axell had trouble finding a transfer pump which would hold up to the acid and provide a safe solution for eliminate leaks and spills when moving the acid to the fertilizer tanks. He tried several pumps, none of which worked out. Finally he found GoatThroat Pumps.

“The GoatThroat pumps have adapters to fit all of my different containers,” states Axell.

“We simply open up the tap and dispense a cup, a quart or a gallon depending on our need. This tool has improved the safety of our workers and helped us to be more compliant with local regulations. Because we have control of the amount of acid which is dispensed at one time, we are able to meet our HACCP requirements more easily. And our crop production is up 10 – 20% since 2004.”