Recommended and used by chemical companies including Bayer, BASF, Corteva and others, there is no doubt. Users all agree that spill prevention beats clean up for most agricultural applications including:

  • Applying plant protection products, fertilizers, hormones, fungicides, wetting agents and pesticides to plants in greenhouses, fruit groves and fields.
  • Decanting insecticide concentrates to smaller containers for mixing or dilution.
  • Transferring fuel, lubricants & brake fluids to vehicles.

GoatThroat pumps are safe for use with more than 1700 liquids — including the most commonly used fuels, fertilizers, hormones, and even the most expensive pesticide concentrates. Several of our published case histories appear below.

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Business Type: Agriculture - FarmingNov 29, 2018. The pump works great, i rank it as a 5—Jeffrey Carter, Farm ManagerChemical: GylphostePump: Gt300 With Viton Seals

Business Type: Agriculture - FarmingOct 18, 2018. We have been impossibly pleased with this pump! Set-up was very intuitive for the operators which made it easy to operate & maintain. Housing and materials are robust & the design performs as advertised. This pump winds up being very easy to affix to the bung of the chemical drum, which has been a challenge with other pumps. Best recommendation - provide some additional options for tubing with the remote kit. Altogether, we are very satisfied with our purchase.—Christohper Hessler, Engineering DirectorChemical: DimethylacetamidePump: Gt300 With Viton Seals

Business Type: Agriculture/Mining - MiningJun 06, 2018. Great pumps. —Gustavo Zarate, EngineerChemical: OilsPump: Gt100 With Nitrile Seals

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