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You probably already know that a dependable automotive drum pump is truly the engine that keeps real engines running. A GoatThroat® pump makes an ideal vehicle fleet chemical pump for the efficient transfer of liquids in repair environments or facilities where fleets are managed. American-made GoatThroat pumps comply with ISO standards for DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) handling. What’s more, they are designed to work flawlessly with most mainstream DEF containers. The highlight of these pumps is the way they allow you to transfer pressurized liquids up to six feet above a container. They are capable of doing this because GoatThroat pumps don’t rely on gravity the way most mainstream pumps do.

Our Pumps are the Solution

GoatThroat pumps are ideal for when you need to transfer DEF, windshield washing fluid, coolants, oils, gasoline, lubricants, transmission fluids, brake fluids and many more substances that are used in automotive facilities daily. A GoatThroat pump offers a high level of precision that can be achieved with just a few plunger strokes. What’s more, a one-tap method of dispensing liquid helps to cut down on spills that can be caused by applying too much pressure or struggling to release liquid content. This precision flow control helps to eliminate waste and reduce the risk of messy, dangerous situations.

In the automotive industry, efficient transfer of liquids is important. Between an auto repair shop and an automotive assembly line, there are dozens of dangerous chemicals being stored. GoatThroat allows handlers to safely transfer and dispense automotive fluids between containers. GoatThroat Pumps help workers in the automotive industry avoid chemical spills and maintain a safe environment to work in.

Ideal for use in auto repair and fleet management facilities, GoatThroat Pumps are safe for use with more than 1,200 liquids — including DEF, coolants, windshield washing fluids, gasoline, diesel fuel, additives, lubricants and transmission fluids. GoatThroat pumps are suitable for liquids with viscosities of up 270 CP, 1400 SSU, 300 CS. For synthetic oils and oils which incorporate solvents will use the GT300 with Viton seals. The pneumatic adapter will work with your air system.

With just a few strokes of the plunger the container will be pressurized, and liquids can be dispensed with one touch of the tap, as easily as opening and closing a faucet. Precise flow control helps conserve inventory by eliminating the guesswork from dispensing and measuring precise amounts of liquids.

Automotive Applications

  • Transferring fuel, lubricants, brake and transmission fluids to vehicles
  • Decanting and applying cleaners and degreasers
  • Mixing fuels with precise amounts of additives without drips or spills
  • Pressurized liquids can be easily transferred to levels up to 6 feet higher than the container, which is impossible with traditional gravity-fed liquid transfer methods.

Pumps for DEF

Because the purity of Diesel Exhaust Fluid is essential to performance, GoatThroat® offers DEF handling solutions that maintain purity of DEF while delivering superior performance at an affordable price. A few strokes of this mobile chemical pump allows for smooth and safe dispensing of DEF at up to 3 – 4 gallons GPM with only 4 psig. A BGA Pneumatic Adapter can be added so that DEF is always available without needing to recharge the drum by hand. The equipment listed here complies with the ISO standards for proper handling of DEF. GoatThroat Pumps are proudly Made in the USA, and our DEF handling systems work with the variety of DEF containers offered in today’s market.

Read any of the case studies listed below to learn more about how GoatThroat Pumps perform in the automotive industry.

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Business Type: OtherJan 10, 2019. We have used gt pumps for all of our chemical drums and have had no major issues! If anything comes up, gt is responsive and quick to resolve the problem. We will continue to use them and highly recommend gt pumps. Thanks!—Conrad Zack, Great Gt Pumps!Chemical: FormalexPump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

Business Type: OtherDec 19, 2018. We used to pour our 5 gallon drums into containers, which made a mess every time. Now we use the gt100 pump and have no mess. This was a great buy.—Chad Hearnley, Lab CoordinatorChemical: Reagent Alcohol Pump: Gt100 With Nitrile Seals

Business Type: OtherJun 12, 2018. Excellent quality product with clear instructions, easy install. Next level safety through quality grounding connections, flow stop controls, and pressure release valve. We will definitely purchase again.—Mike Fay, Ehs ManagerChemical: MekPump: Gt200s With Santoprene Seals

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