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Choosing the proper drum pumps for electronics manufacturing is an important task for anyone who is in charge of designing or managing a working environment. The fact of the matter is that preventing injuries and exposure to hazardous chemicals is a serious task that requires a serious pump. GoatThroat® designs pumps that are suitable for anyone looking for drum pumps that can be used in a manufacturing environment. This is a leading product to know about when searching for a chemical transfer pump that is approved for safe contact with a wide variety of liquids such as acids, caustics and other corrosives. This is also a choice that should be considered when sourcing a barrel pump for solvents that can be used in an electronics manufacturing environment. A GoatThroat pump can help to reduce spills and create an environment which meets compliance requirements. The specific plastic that is used in these pumps makes them capable of being used with everything from food-grade materials to flammable liquids.

Barrel Pumps for Chemical Transfer

GoatThroat chemical transfer pumps bring reliability and ease of use to an electronics manufacturing environment. They can be used with a variety of flammable liquids. What’s more, they meet both NFPA 77 and NFPA 30 requirements. Our pumps can play an integral role in preventing spills and reducing hazards that can lead to costly and time-consuming injuries and will mitigate worker compensation claims by preventing worker exposure to hazardous chemicals and by eliminating repetitive motion and other injuries.

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Business Type: Manufacturing - Food ManufacturingFeb 26, 2019. Great pump. Well made and designed but one of my pumps failed due to being used for a the wrong chemical. I replaced the failed seal and will soon be placing an order for the correct model of pump.—Joel Cook, Chief EngineerChemical: Peroxyacetic-acid---also-known-as-peracetic-acidPump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

Business Type: ElectronicsFeb 18, 2019. This pump works great. It replaced a pump that was continuously leaking. We now have had no issues with leaks and operators seem to have no issues with it. Thanks for the phone support to validate this was the correct pump for our use. Great customer service.—Ben Van Straten, Industrial EngineerChemical: Isopropyl-alcohol,-ipa-99%Pump: Gt200s With Santoprene Seals

Business Type: ManufacturingFeb 08, 2019. Had trouble finding the right pump for a heavy duty detergent we use that wouldn't lose prime because of the slickness of the detergent. Saw an advertisement for goatthroat and contacted them and sent them a sds and they contacted the detergent company to see which pump would be best suited for our use. They recommended the epdm seals and the pump is working better than any other pump we have had.—Rich Coe, Maintenance/purchasingChemical: DetergentsPump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

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