The majority of chemical spill problems occur while getting the chemicals out of the drums. Many small- to moderate-sized companies rely on workers to manually lift and tip the containers and pour the chemical into a smaller drum, so spills are inevitable, and spill kits and related equipment are necessary. While there’s no substitute for planned maintenance programs that seek out, identify, and mitigate causes of spills and contamination, one thing is for sure: manual drum-emptying practices frequently generate spills that present management with OSHA-related work safety issues or problems with EPA regulations. Plant management is never happy with the loss of costly, usable chemicals, particularly when a low-cost, preventive approach exists.

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Business Type: Light Manufacturing - Furniture/Wood ProdsJul 22, 2016. Awesome pump easy install no leaks easy to operate highly recommend—Kelly Kimberlin, Maintenance ManagerChemical: SolventPump: Gt300 With Viton Seals

Business Type: Light Manufacturing - Furniture/Wood ProdsJul 07, 2014. We previously ordered a santoprene pump for acetone and it worked so well that we ordered one for our lacquer thinner as well. Great pumps.—Gary Wheeler, Safety OfficerChemical: Sherwin Williams 119 Lacquer ThinnerPump: Gt100 With Nitrile Seals

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