Drum Pumps for Manufacturing

GoatThroat® Pumps is helping enterprises meet compliance requirements and get a competitive edge via specialty drum pumps for manufacturing. Our solvent transfer pumps can aid in your spill-prevention measures and help to reduce workplace hazards and incidents. That means a reduction in waste, a safer environment for workers and a better reputation for your enterprise.

Are you looking for a better way to transfer or decant liquids at your manufacturing facility? Our pumps are appropriate for acetone, MEK, alcohols, solvents, and many more substances.

Safe Chemical Transfer

Discover how GoatThroat can provide an easy method for the transfer of solvents. Our long-lasting, durable, and emissions-free pumps are ideal for manufacturing facilities that handle a wide variety of liquids. In addition, they meet all mainstream compliance requirements from national and international regulating agencies. That includes UN safety standards. Our pumps have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. What’s more, they provide a spill-proof and virtually emissions-free way to transfer liquids. One feature that is especially important for manufacturing environments is the way GoatThroat pumps are designed to drain containers fully dry. That means that containers in your facility can be considered empty according to the standards of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

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Business Type: Manufacturing - Food ManufacturingFeb 26, 2019. Great pump. Well made and designed but one of my pumps failed due to being used for a the wrong chemical. I replaced the failed seal and will soon be placing an order for the correct model of pump.—Joel Cook, Chief EngineerChemical: Peroxyacetic-acid---also-known-as-peracetic-acidPump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

Business Type: ManufacturingFeb 08, 2019. Had trouble finding the right pump for a heavy duty detergent we use that wouldn't lose prime because of the slickness of the detergent. Saw an advertisement for goatthroat and contacted them and sent them a sds and they contacted the detergent company to see which pump would be best suited for our use. They recommended the epdm seals and the pump is working better than any other pump we have had.—Rich Coe, Maintenance/purchasingChemical: DetergentsPump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

Business Type: Manufacturing - Pharmaceutical & MedicalJan 02, 2019. Awesome pumps works great...—Bernie Rosario, Hazmat TechChemical: Power Kleen500Pump: Gt100 With Nitrile Seals

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