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GoatThroat® Pumps are being embraced as a leading solution for chemical transfer for university lab use. These pumps will help to reduce spills and create a safe environment for instructors, students, and lab employees by providing a reliable way to transfer laboratory chemicals. Discover how using a more efficient barrel pump transfer method will help your lab environment cut down on safety hazards and meet both NFPA 77 and NFPA 30 requirements for flammable liquids. In addition, switching to GoatThroat when upgrading your lab’s chemical transfer pumps will reduce costs that would be generated by spills, incident-related downtime, and investigations. GoatThroatPumps will help you to run a cutting-edge lab with a solid reputation for safety and efficiency.

Drum Pumps Chemical Transfer

Upgrading to a GoatThroat pump is a choice that should be made by anyone who is concerned about meeting compliance standards and safety benchmarks. GoatThroat pumps are ideal for transferring solvents, acids, corrosives, and more. This is the solution that should be considered by anyone looking for a barrel pump transfer for a laboratory or learning environment where chemicals and liquids are handled. These pumps are safe for contact with more than 1,700 chemicals. The systems mitigate worker compensation claims by preventing workers exposure to hazardous chemicals and by eliminating repetitive motion and other injuries.

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Business Type: OtherJan 10, 2019. We have used gt pumps for all of our chemical drums and have had no major issues! If anything comes up, gt is responsive and quick to resolve the problem. We will continue to use them and highly recommend gt pumps. Thanks!—Conrad Zack, Great Gt Pumps!Chemical: FormalexPump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

Business Type: OtherDec 19, 2018. We used to pour our 5 gallon drums into containers, which made a mess every time. Now we use the gt100 pump and have no mess. This was a great buy.—Chad Hearnley, Lab CoordinatorChemical: Reagent Alcohol Pump: Gt100 With Nitrile Seals

Business Type: OtherJun 12, 2018. Excellent quality product with clear instructions, easy install. Next level safety through quality grounding connections, flow stop controls, and pressure release valve. We will definitely purchase again.—Mike Fay, Ehs ManagerChemical: MekPump: Gt200s With Santoprene Seals

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