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Winpak® Tight Head Pail is a self-supporting plastic container constructed of high molecular weight, high density polyethylene, and is designed for the secure, dependable shipment and storage of liquid products. Winpak® is cylindrical in shape with spout placement in line with the sidewall for maximum removal of product during dispensing. The unit is also equipped with a swing handle on the top face. Meets UN Packaging Type 1H1 and applicable FDA regulations. Has the standard 70mm liquid tight cap with 3/4″ NPT center. Ideal for use with sanitary chemicals, flavorings/concentrates, edible oils, pharmaceutical preps, Ag-chem chemicals, NEC photochemical x-ray & electronic diagnostic substances, petroleum products, misc. food & kindred products, powders.

Not for fuels or oils.

Neck size is 70mm.