GoatThroat EPDM Pump


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Food Grade/Chemical Grade GoatThroat EPDM pump with 4″ Standoff. For most caustics and soaps. GT200 EPDM hand or pneumatic pumps give controlled flow of Simple Green, Skydrol, DEF, sodium hydroxide, wetting agents and others. They are like PPE – protective equipment – no spills, no splashing, no vapors. Check compatibility guide for selection. For viscosities like water, dispensing up to 4GPM. Flow is good up to 270 centipoise. INCLUDES 1 pump, siphon tube set for up to 42 inches, barrel standoff  with 2-inch pipe thread fitting fits most barrels, 3 gram packet of molykote 111 grease and single medium drum seal which fits the barrel standoff. Note: single drum seal is standard.

Other adapters  for jugs/carboys and barrels are available for small pails and drums.

Made in USA.

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