GoatThroat Groundable EPDM Pump/Tap


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Static Conductive EPDM Pumps with remote tap for Class 1 and 2 Flammable liquids such as  Ecolab Sanitizers, Butyl Cellosolve, Acetaldehyde and others..Check compatibility guide for selection. For viscosities like water, dispensing up to 4GPM Flow is good up to 270 centipoise. INCLUDES 1 pump, siphon tube set for up to 48 inches, barrel standoff with 2-inch pipe thread fitting, 3 gram packet of molykote 111 grease, 6-foot grounding cable with alligator clip, 3 foot bonding cable and single medium drum seal which fits the barrel standoff.

Other adapters  for jugs/carboys and barrels are available for small pails and drums.

Please remember to select hose separately to match the chemical compatibility of your liquids.  See compatibility guide for more information..

Made in USA.

Meets NFPA 30 requirements.

p/n SCP.200.RT.200