GT300 for 2.5 G with rinse


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GT 300 pump with viton fittings, and adapter for 63mm pesticide container, with rinse port

Closed Mixing Systems

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Liquid Control Made Easy

gt back epa v horizontal All CCS-8600 Systems feature containers that remain upright, with no change of spills.  Connections are quick and feature no-spill technology. Soon to be the National Standard, Closed Loading and Mixing Systems are required by the State of California for Danger Label pesticides.   These systems also allow users to reduce their PPE requirements as shown in the CDPR brochures for Ag, Farms, and Non-Ag. Recognized by CDPR as meeting their exacting requirements, the GoatThroat Systems come complete with everything needed to move liquids from the source container through measuring and into the mix tank with a simple triple-rinse set-up at surprisingly affordable rates.

California DPR Review Says…

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“The first CCS-8600 Closed System for 30 G Gramoxone proved to be so good that the company wanted another one.” —Farmland Management, July 2013 “Your design for the closed system for Lime Sulfur worked fine.  Thanks for your help.” —Marice Carrie Winery, March 2012