Transfer Acetone Safely

Are you investigating ways to manage the challenge of handling acetone at your facility in a way that is safe and falls into compliance with all current safety standards? ChooseGoatThroat® Pumps to serve as youracetone transfer pumpsupplier. Our pumps create a safe, reliable, and easy way to transfer acetone between containers. This will reduce the need for time-consuming and expensive acetone spill clean up. In addition, GoatThroat pumps eliminates issues stemming from exposure to vapors. The end result is a safer, cleaner, and more efficient production environment or testing lab.

Transferring Acetone Safely

Acetone Transfer Pump

Handling Acetone

The SCP line of GoatThroat pumps are designed to handle flammable liquids and meet NFPA 77 and NFPA 30.   The SCP line of GoatThroat pumps meets both NFPA 77 and NFPA 30 requirements. See more: 

This is one of the reasons why they serve as ideal acetone transfer pumps. In addition, these pumps allow users to create very smooth, consistent, and neat pours while retaining total control over the flow rate.

GoatThroat pumps don’t rely on gravity the way most mainstream pumps on the market do today. You may already know that using something like the tip-and-pour method to try safety pour liquid content from a heavy container can be very dangerous and inaccurate when you’re handling a substance like acetone. Many enterprises take big risks by implementing unsafe methods for transferring acetone between containers. GoatThroat is the safer and smarter solution.