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Pumps for COVID-19 Disinfectants and Sanitizers

GoatThroat Pumps are ideally suited to transfer disinfectants and sanitizers for COVID-19 from bulk containers into use containers. The GT200S with Santoprene seals is the correct pump for Quaternary Ammonia, Ethanol, and Phenolic. The GT300 with Viton seals is the correct pump for Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Peroxyacetic Acid. We are stocked up and ready to ship to your facility today.

See EPA’s complete list of disinfectant products here.

GoatThroat Pumps

GoatThroat fluid friendly pumps are the safest, most reliable, and easiest way to transfer any liquid accurately. Custom configured pumps, fitting and accessories are fluid specific, meet compatibility requirements, and are designed as complete turnkey solutions to fit your exact transfer application.  At GoatThroat Pumps, there is no compromise in terms of performance, safety or sustainability. Our systems are specifically designed with that balance in mind by experts who understand your application.  You don’t have to choose between what is important for your business and what is good for your people.

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Drum Pumps for Chemical Transfer

When you purchase a GoatThroat pump, you can say goodbye to dangerous, messy chemical spills. Say goodbye to wasting valuable liquid product as a result of sloppy, inefficient pouring methods. Industry-trusted GoatThroat Pumps offer the easiest and safest way to transfer and dispense liquids. Our hand pump products and hazardous material pump products can be used for both corrosive and flammable liquids. Our trusted, recognized pump products are ideal for any environment where chemicals and potentially hazardous materials are used like laboratories or manufacturing. GoatThroat Pumps work well because they have a no-nonsense design that makes dispensing liquids from giant containers as easy as turning on a faucet with one touch. We’ve designed our pumps to handle anything from a two-gallon jug to a 55-gallon drum. We’ll even work with you to help select the best of our products to create a solution that works for your specific chemical usage. GoatThroat Pumps work by pressurizing a container to dispense liquids. Our one-touch flow control dispenses liquids at a controlled rate to prevent waste, conserve inventory, and produce precisely measured amounts every time. Flow can be continuous, or adjusted to dispense liquids at rates up to 4.5 gallons per minute depending on viscosity. Here’s a look at some of the perks of choosing GoatThroat when looking around for hand pump manufacturers:

  • The ability to dispense liquids at a controlled rate.
  • Waste prevention.
  • Inventory conservation.
  • Adjustable flow rates of up to 4.5 gallons per minute.
  • OSHA and EPA compliance.

GoatThroat Pumps deliver the safest, most reliable, and easiest way to transfer liquids between containers with accuracy and precision. Is it time to walk away from the perilous tip-and-pour method that far too many warehouses and laboratory environments are using? Learn more about GoatThroat Pumps today!

Ratings & Reviews

4.7 out of 5 Stars

Mar 30, 2020. “The pump works great and is holding up great to general cleaning chemicals... No leaks!!”
— Aaron Sallee, Maintenance Manager
Chemical: Ammonium-chloride
Pump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals

Mar 27, 2020. “Good pump, seals well in a metal poly pack drum.”
— Tim Welsch, Process Engineer
Chemical: Isopropyl-alcohol
Pump: Gt200s With Santoprene Seals

Mar 26, 2020. “Excellent pumps, that we have been using heavily for years. One eventually had a seal failure after several years of usage, which was expected due to the chemicals we were using. Goat throat pumps, customer service was amazing. They quickly fixed the issue and repaired the pump in less then a week and that was with shipping the pump back and forth. Very pleased with their product and customer service. I will definitely be a return customer.”
— Barbara Kellen, Chemist
Chemical: Ethylhexyl-acrylate
Pump: Gt300 With Viton Seals

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