Safety Made Simple

You’re never alone when you choose to go with GoatThroat® Pumps for your liquid pump. We provide top-notch service from knowledgeable professionals. Let us answer all of your questions and provide some insights regarding how to get the most from our one-touch liquid pump products. Do you want to know which liquids are compatible for your new chemical and food-grade liquid hand pump? Are you curious to know about any precautions you need to take with your new fluid pump? All of the documents, selection guides, photos, and videos you need to get started are here.

Versatile Fluid Pump

There’s nothing easier than using a pump made by GoatThroat. However, we are available if a question should pop up or if you’re interested in learning the best practices for minimizing spills, reducing waste, and meeting compliance guidelines using your new pump. You can also ask us about customization options. Browse our support materials, and if you cannot find your answer, contact us with any inquiries you may have!