Sanitizer Pumps for Schools

As schools re-open across America, we know that the safety of every child, parent and family unit is paramount – that’s why GoatThroat Pumps, with Lighthouse Life Sciences, are extremely pleased to have provided two of America’s leading pre-schools with the equipment necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to their young students and […]

Handling Acetone Safely

Are you investigating ways to manage the challenge of handling acetone at your facility in a way that is safe and falls into compliance with all current safety standards? Choose GoatThroat® Pumps to serve as your acetone transfer pump supplier. Our pumps create a safe, reliable, and easy way to transfer acetone between containers. This […]

Tool-Time – Review of GoatThroat Pumps

DrumQuik for GoatThroat

Gold Winner – Product of the Year in Fluid Handling April 2017. Need to find a pump to work with your DrumQuik® applications   or are you looking for a threaded fitting between the pump and the drum? Check out the DQGT – compatible with DrumQuik– co-developed with CPC – Colder Products Inc. Designed as an […]

Popular Chemicals FAQ

Popular Chemicals FAQ Acetone, Isopropyl, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone). What do these three chemicals have in common? They are three of the most commonly used chemicals, and as a result the three chemicals that are spilled the most. Here are answers to some common questions regarding the big three in the world of chemicals. Where […]

What’s In a Name? The Origins of GoatThroat Pumps

When you first encounter a GoatThroat Pump, it’s hard to know what makes you take notice first. The name, or the engineering excellence that allows liquids to be dispensed effortlessly and safely.For more than two decades, the name GoatThroat has been synonymous with pumps that are fast. precise and easy to operate. But, while you […]

How to Choose the Right Transfer Pump – Part 2 – Materials of Construction

Did you ever think about the types of materials of construction? Chances are good that you haven’t because it is a lot easier to get another pump of the same kind that you know works. But a little work here will save a lot of wasted chemical… and throwing pumps in to the land fill […]

Which pump is best for your transfer job? – Part 1

There are a lot of questions to ask when considering which pump will be best for your transfer solution. If you are going to stop tipping drum to pour out liquids… CONGRATULATIONS. But there are still a lot of questions to ask so that you get the best fit. Below are few of those questions. […]

Women in Manufacturing – Tips from the Top

Women have a totally different approach to business and manufacturing because they are collaborative. The job has to get done no matter what. But you can work with people and train them to help you do the job and help you do the job better.

10 ways a GT Pump is like a beer tap*

* Actually, 11 and counting. With the wave of a wrist and the pull of a tap handle…. it could be beer. GoatThroat Pump are simple to use, easy to understand, and a great engineering control for your chemicals. While everything we do is based in science, we know the technology will be very familiar […]

Important Safety and Money-Saving Reasons to Replace Old Pumps

Disinfection Agents, Sanitizers and Industrial Chemicals: GoatThroat Pumps Highlights Important Safety and Money-Saving Reasons to Switch Out Old Pumps and Outdated Pumping Protocols ABC REPORTS:  March 17, 2020  — GoatThroat Pumps recently focused attention on spill hazards, promoting its proprietary, innovative pumping design as the one-stop solution for liquid-chemicals pumping hazards, with special focus on production […]

Sustainable, Sensible and Easy to Use

GoatThroat Pumps makes workplaces safer and more sustainable For the past twenty years, a company based in Milford in Connecticut with a highly distinctive name, has been manufacturing and supplying products that help make workplaces around the world safer, more hygienic, more sustainable and more cost-effective for their owners. Transferring liquids between containers may seem an easy and simple process, but it can also be […]

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for STEM Programs

As college enrollment in STEM programs continues to rise (reaching 45% of college freshman in 2016 according to the National Science Foundation), improving safety in university labs will become critical. To keep students and faculty safe, follow Good Laboratory Practice guidelines and comply with regulations, now is the time for university labs to introduce new, […]

How a Small Equipment Change Can Produce Large Gains for Daily Operations and HACCP Compliance

The FDA’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system is something that you already know if you own or manage a facility where food or food-grade products are grown, manufactured, stored, or handled.  If, however, you are looking at HACCP for the first time, you will be interested in the following information. What is […]

To the Moon and Beyond: GoatThroat Pumps Selected for NASA’s Critical Environmental Test

Orion experienced a successful environmental test at NASA’s Glenn Research Center’s Plum Brook Station after exposing the spacecraft to intense conditions, replicating environments during launch, deep space travel and the extreme hot and cold temperatures. As a result of an impeccable safety record, a pump solution from GoatThroat Pumps was selected for NASA’s critical environmental […]

New EPA Paraquat Requirements Impacting AgriBusiness; Agriculture Equipment Leader GoatThroat Pumps to Develop a Solution

New EPA requirements for handling the restricted use pesticide include special training, new labeling and new closed-system packaging.  GoatThroat Pumps announces plans to develop new equipment to match the new packaging, continuing its legacy for manufacturing quality products for safe handling of agricultural chemicals. MILFORD, Conn., June 25, 2019 – In response to several fatalities […]

Chemical Process Safety: How to Avoid Spills in Your Workplace

The Safe and Innovative Alternative Part 3 of 3 What is the antidote to unsafe chemical-handling processes at a plant, lab, or facility? Having a safe, dependable way to access and transfer liquids that doesn’t include tipping barrels and containers or relying on gravity for flow is an incredible first start. That’s why many businesses […]

Chemical Process Safety: Tips to prevent and manage a spill

The Most Common Chemical Spills in the Workplace Part 2 of 3 Some types of spills are seen time and time again in workplaces all around the country. This is mostly due to the fact that the same poor practices are still in place. Fortunately, making some upgrades and implementing better practices for handling chemicals […]

Chemical Process Safety: Common Chemical Spills That Make a Workplace Dangerous

The Common Chemical Spills That Make Workplaces DangerousPart 1 of 3 Spills are universally dreaded in a testing facility or production environment. A spill can bring productivity to a halt and cost a business untold amounts of money. What’s more, a spill can cause serious harm to workers. Everything from skin injuries to fires can […]

Why Today’s Farmers Have to Be Serious About Safety When Dealing with Agricultural Chemicals

A safe harvest is a happy harvest. You know about this all too well if you work in the agricultural industry. The reality is that the delicious, succulent fruits and vegetables that we all eat actually go through quite a process during the time it takes to get from the farm to the table. Farming […]

Selecting the Right Pump for Your Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Are spills a daily worry at your laboratory? The transference of chemicals is one of the most common activities in a pharmaceutical laboratory. However, the reality is that most supervisors and operations managers are allowing some pretty big oversights to occur in their labs when it comes to how materials are transferred. It makes sense […]

Upgrading Your Pump for Use in the Golf, Lawn, or Landscape Industry

Beautiful turf doesn’t happen by accident. You already know that it takes a great deal of planning, manpower, and chemical usage to keep a green space flourishing if you work in landscaping or agriculture. The stakes are very high when it comes to ensuring safety and keeping costs low regarding the handling of agricultural chemicals. […]

How can there be an ROI with a hand pump?

GoatThroat Pumps, hereafter referred to as GT Pumps, are known to offer the best cost savings and Return on Investment for any company which periodically transfers ounces to gallons of fluids, flammable or otherwise.

With A Chemical Spill, Prevention Beats Cleanup

[Originally published by Industrial Safety News) The majority of chemical spill problems occur while getting the chemicals out of the drums. Many small- to moderate-sized companies rely on workers to manually lift and tip the containers and pour the chemical into a smaller drum.  Spills are inevitable, and spill kits and related equipment are necessary. […]

Safer Acetone Transfer in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Allergy Laboratories Inc., an FDA licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer of biological extracts for the diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment of allergies, uses a GoatThroat sealed pump system to transfer acetone from 55 gallon drums to 1 gallon containers for a process to dry out pollen and mold.

The High Cost of Exposing Workers to Chemicals at the Point of Use

Every day industrial workers transfer potentially hazardous chemicals, such as solvents, acetones, lubricants, cleansers, and acids, from large drums into smaller containers, or into machinery. This transfer of chemicals at the point of use, however, can have serious consequences when manual “tip‐and‐pour” techniques or poorly designed pumps are used.

Use of Secured Sealed Pump Systems in an Explosion Proof Room

Although Design Mark Industries keeps its chemicals in a vented, explosion‐proof room, the supplier of membrane switches, keypads, and touchscreens sought to further improve the safety and efficiency of transferring acetone and acetate‐based chemicals from 55‐gallon drums into quart and 5‐gallon containers