EPDM Pump & Tap Line

EPDM Pump & Tap Line

GT200 Pumps have food grade EPDM elastomeric gaskets throughout the fluid path and other internal parts.  Please check the chemical compatibility chart to determine if these pumps are suitable for your liquid. Systems are offered for both food grade applications and flammable liquid applications.

5 STAR Business Type: Food & Beverage Feb 10, 2021. Love my goatthroat! My employee and i use our goatthroat every day. Makes the pump process go so smooth!!—Shane Noble, Head BrewerChemical: Caustic-soda-up-to-60%Pump: Gt200 With Epdm Seals.

We are passionate about your safety when loading and mixing chemicals. We have been in the business of safe chemical handling and proudly manufacturing right here in the USA since 2000.

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DURABLE: Made of reinforced polypropylene plastic (bowling ball plastic), which lasts a lifetime, and EPDM gaskets, these systems are known to last for 10+  years even in constant contact with the chemical.  They are intended to remain on the container until it is empty.

EFFICIENT:  Low pressure (< 4psig) does the work so you don’t have to. One touch tap system stops flow immediately for precise volume delivery of liquids. Controlled flow prevents spills … and their cleanup.   Provides RCRA empty barrels, with less than 1/2 inch or less left in the container for no more wasted chemical.

MAXIMUM SAFETY: Sealed system with container in the upright position stops VOCs which are wasted chemicals in the air and are unsafe for users.  Controlled flow prevents spills … and slip and fall accidents. Ergonomically tested to be better for your back  and eliminates repetitive motion injuries including bending and rotating a hand crank. Considered a best practices device by many insurance companies.  Meets RoHS standards.

VERSATILE:  Kit comes ready to use with a barrel but GT offers adapters for all other smaller containers. Can be used by hand or as a pneumatic pump for larger volumes.  GT pumps are food grade to meet FDA standards while SCP pumps are groundable and come with grounding and bonding wires for flammable liquids.

Please check the chemical compatibility chart to determine if these pumps are suitable for your liquid.

See the Specification for GT-RT Pump assembly with PTFE hose.

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