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GoatThroat Groundable Nitrile Pump


Static Conductive Nitrile  Pumps for Class 1 and 2 Flammable liquids, Check compatibility guide for selection.  For viscosities like water, dispensing up to 4GPM. Flow is good up to 270 centipoise.  INCLUDES 1 pump, siphon tube set for up to 38 inches, barrel standoff with 2-inch pipe thread fitting, 3 gram packet of molykote 111 grease, 6-foot grounding cable with alligator clip, 3 foot bonding cable and single medium drum seal which fits the barrel standoff.

5 STAR REVIEW: Business Type: Other Jun 17, 2019. Great experience fueling my high-wing airplane w/ 100ll gasoline. I had to pump often to maintain pressure from the 5 gal. Container but otherwise it was a nice experience.—Richard Van Natta, Mr.Chemical: Gasoline-leaded Pump: Scp100 With Nitrile Seals. See all reviews.


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Other adapters  for jugs/carboys and barrels are available for small pails and drums.  

Made in USA.  Meets NFPA 30 requirements.

p/n SCP.100

Remote Discharge Nozzle

SCP200 Blue Hose 2016

A remote discharge tap can greatly extend the versatility of GoatThroat pumps. With it, you can deliver liquids to a distance away from the container with the same finger tip control as the tap on the pump  Ideal for transfer of liquids and chemicals from large drums, the remote nozzle allows precise, one-hand flow control, leaving the other hand free for work. 5-foot is standard. Other  lengths are available in 5-foot increments. For lengths greater than 5-foot, you will probably want a pneumatic adapter.  Please match the tap with your pump.   Nitrile Remote Tap , EPDM Remote Tap , Santoprene Remote Tap , Viton Remote Tap

Remote discharge taps are available singly, or with several hose options. RT 100/200/300 and body barb fitting are made of polypropylene.  Flammable liquid pumps are offered with the remote discharge tap assembled on the pump.  Please be sure to select the appropriate hose.

The thumb-operated tap dispenses liquids as easily as using a faucet. Pressurized liquids can be easily transferred to levels up to 3 feet higher than the container, which is impossible with traditional gravity-fed liquid transfer methods. And our drip-proof design helps keep work areas clean and prevent potentially hazardous spills.

All hoses are 1/2-inch ID. Offered are: Food grade PVC, Food/Chemical Grade Tygon 2375,  Gas and Oil Grade hose;  and finally PTFE  hose for very aggressive applications.

Hose Guide

Tubes and hoses are available for your remote discharge nozzle or other applications. If you are ordering a groundable pump with a remote tap assembly, you must order a hose so that the factory installs it correctly with the bonding and grounding wires.

Please check compatibility with your liquid by reviewing the PVC Tubing Compatiblity Guide and the TYGON Tubing Compatiblity Guide.   or the Configurator.

We offer Tygon Chemical Resistant 2375 tubing, PTFE, PVC and Tygon 4040 which is gas and oil hose.  All hoses are 1/2-inch ID.

Please order hosing here.

Barrel & Pail Adapters

Because chemicals arrive at your facility in so many different sized containers:  barrels, pails, jerri cans  in 1 gallon up to 5 gallon containers,IBC totes,  GoatThroat Pumps has one of the largest offerings of adapter in the world. And if we don’t have it yet, we will make it for you


Click here to see how to measure for your adapter

Click here for the jerri-can/jug selection guide

Click here for the flex spout selection guide

Click here for the barrel buttress adapters selection guide

Click here for the installations guides for all of our adapters




When chemicals have a very high concentration or when there are impurities in the liquids due to a previous use, it is good to consider an upgrade in the fluid path to teflon and kalrez gaskets.  This upgrade to a new pump is a custom assembly with all gaskets and o-rings in the fluid path and elsewhere configured with Teflon or Kalrez  for increased durability.   This is especially useful with strong acids and fluids which have other liquid contaminants in it, especially Acetone.  Order your fluid path teflon-kalrez upgrade here.


Branded chemicals can be pretty tricky.  Your use them because they meet your particular need.  But, when they are not single constituent liquids, sometimes our single elastomeric pumps (Nitrile, EPDM, Santoprene, Viton) will not be suitable. With very strong liquids or liquids for which no standard GT or SCP pump will work, we have created the Teflon-Kalrez pump. The Teflon-Kalrez Pumps have food grade Teflon and Kalrez elastomeric gaskets throughout the fluid path and other internal parts.  See the brochure herePlease check the chemical compatibility chart to determine if these pumps are suitable for your liquid. Systems are offered for both food grade applications and flammable liquid applications.  Order your teflon kalrez pump here.


In some circumstances, any trace of silicone can be a problem.  We can custom manufacture pump with a removal process and then with no silicone grease.  This 3 bath process, including Dynasolve CU-9 and IPA,  removes silicone mold release from the plastics for high purity applications.  The pumps are then custom assembled with Krytox GPL-205 lubricant. See the  testing results here Order your silicon free pump here.

Pumps for Flammable Liquids

nfpa Special Features: The SCP line of  Pumps allow class 1 and 2 flammable liquids to be pumped using GoatThroat® Pumps’ unique engineering control technology. Please see the new NFPA30-2015 standards.

Applications ranges:  Alcohols, flammable solvents, volatile hydrocarbons.

SCP Pumps are engineering controls for fluids which are designed to minimize the hazards associated when transferring  flammable and combustible liquids.  Featuring a grounding wire and a bonding wire and made with conductive plastic  so there is grounding of the liquid, the pump, and, with correct bonding, to the container. Created for most demanding safety programs, these pumps meet NFPA 77 which requires that the path to ground must prevent the accumulation of static electricity in conductive equipment.  The SCP-pumps feature the same breakthrough technology which has made GoatThroat® the most trusted name in transfer pumps.

Made in the USA, these pumps meet  Directive 99/92/EC (also known as ‘ATEX
137’ or the ‘ATEX Workplace Directive’), Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 95’ or ‘the ATEX Equipment Directive’ and also meet Great Britain’s Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), The SCP pumps are not subject to the Pressure Equipment Directive(97/23/EC) since the design pressure is identified below the applicability limits for the PED (97/23/ EC) of 0.5bar.

Important Documentation


Things happen when tools are used.  Here are a couple of documents which may help whether you are just installing your pump for the first time, or if you have had your pump for 10 years.  Please also feel free to call us to discuss your issues:  +1.646.486.3636

Basic troubleshooting guide

Existing installed pump troubleshooting guide

Pump and Tap Components

Pneumatic Operation

These small, versatile pumps can now safely be used with nitrogen, shop air, air compressors or bottled compressed air in the shop, in the field — anywhere, any time.  The Standard BGA ( BillyGoat adapter) features a regulator with an external pressure safety valves at 4.5 psig.  The standard BGA compressor setup delivers fluids at up to 4.5 gallons per minute at 4 psi.  We now offer the new BGA-3psig  which limits the pressure to 3psig for those applications where user control of the regulator is not desirable. Order  your pneumatic adapter today.

See the line card

See a customer produced video showing the pneumatic pump in operation.

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