About Us

Who we are and what we do

At GoatThroat Pumps, there is no compromise in terms of performance, safety or sustainability. Our systems are specifically designed with that balance in mind by experts who understand your application.  GoatThroat fluid friendly pumps are the safest, most reliable, and easiest way to accurately transfer any liquid.  Custom configured pumps, fitting and accessories are fluid specific, meet compatibility requirements, and are designed as complete turnkey solutions to fit your exact transfer application.  You don’t have to choose between what is important for your business and what is good for your people.

Here, there is no “no” there is only “not yet”. Starting with ideas drawn from customer needs, we design and build useful equipment for safe liquid transfer for manufacturing, laboratories, agriculture, food and beverage, the energy sector and more. Our customers are very demanding, and we are grateful  Only through their demands and their  input can we grow.  Deft and thoughtful, the team pares down each new design project to its essence to deliver the right product  for the right price.

Our Markets

Built of the highest quality materials right here in the USA, our equipment is rugged, efficient and configurable to meet each user’s needs.


With an eye on the future importance of safety and sustainability in all walks of life, Westcott Distribution Inc. acquired Denel SOC Ltd.’s Pumpall Product Line in 2001 and rebranded it at GoatThroat Pumps. The talented team excels in developing, building and marketing chemical transfer equipment which improves worker safety and environmental compliance all over the world.  We have developed testing processes to accurately evaluate which pump is suitable for what liquids.  The chemical compatibility list is over 1700 tested liquids and counting.

What We Make

  • Pumps for Chemical and Food Applications
  • Pumps for Flammable Liquids
  • Pumps for Agriculture
  • Pumps for TRI Reporting
  • Pneumatic Systems