Air Operated Pneumatic Line

Air Operated Pneumatic Line

These small, versatile pumps can now safely be used with shop air, air compressors or bottled compressed air in the shop, in the field — anywhere, any time.

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The Standard BGA ( BillyGoat adapter) features a user controllable regulator with an external pressure safety valves at 4.5 psig. However, this will only allow limited pressure relief. If a user adds 10 psig, for example, the external relief may not relieve fast enough. The standard BGA compressor setup delivers fluids at up to 4.5 gallons per minute at 4 psi. We now offer the new BGA-3psig which limits the pressure to 3psig for those applications where user control of the regulator is not desirable.

This revolutionary development will make it even easier to:

Transfer fluids from several containers
Deliver fluids to locations from 5′ – 60′ away, with a vertical lift of 6 feet (at 6 PSI)
Empty a 55 gallon barrel completely
Decant and apply solvents, acids, cleaners and more

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See the spec sheet for the BGA  Pneuamatic Adapter with  3 and 5 PSIG Limiter 

Made in the USA.

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