Flammable Liquids Pumps

Flammable Liquids Pumps

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The GoatThroat SCP Series Pumps (Static Conductive Plastic) meet NFPA 30 Standards and are ideally suited as a refill station to transfer flammable liquids from bulk containers into use containers.  See the NFPA30 Standard here.

The SCP Series come complete with grounding and bonding wires.  Sold with and without a remote tap, these systems control the flow of  liquid from drops to lots, and have a spring actuated flow control for the perfect pour every time.

The SCP200S with Santoprene seals is the correct pump for Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethanol, and MEK.   The SCP300 with Viton seals is the correct pump for many other solvents. We are stocked up and ready to ship to your facility today.  See below for product choices.

Use our handy selection tool to design your own system or call us for more information at 866-New-Goat (639-4628).

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