CIP Pump: Safe for Direct Contact with Food-Grade Materials

Screenshot 2023 08 03 at 12.57.33 PMIf your business falls within the realm of the food and beverage industry, you’re no stranger to the strict regulations in place to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation of workspaces and equipment. The FDA has a laundry list of food service codes to abide by, different in each state, each with appendix after appendix listing all of the possible food-borne pathogens that can arise from improper handling.

So, finding the right equipment that keeps your food and beverage business up to code is incredibly important, and clean-in-place (CIP) pumps are no exception. GoatThroat’s CIP pumps are highly rated, efficient and safe for direct contact with food-grade materials.

It Ain’t Easy Being Clean, But GoatThroat Does it Best

What makes a GoatThroat pump ideal for CIP? For one, it’s easy to use and made with ergonomics in mind, making it a comfortable solution for employees. It also lasts a lot longer than the standard pumps on the market, which means you’ll save time and money not shopping for new food-grade pumps

What’s more, GoatThroat’s CIP pumps meet the proper requirements for direct contact with food-grade raw materials AND they’re durable enough to withstand near-constant contact with sanitizing and disinfection liquids. They are engineered to handle the unique requirements of CIP applications, including high temperatures, high flow rates, and the ability to handle abrasive cleaning agents effectively.

Don’t Waste a Drop!

Every food and beverage operation knows that wasted product is wasted profit, so ensuring liquids are transferred precisely and completely is important. GoatThroat pumps see to it that every drop is transferred from one container to the other, and this can be done in a closed system! That means you can avoid foreign contamination and accidental spills (i.e. more wasted product). Whether it’s cleaning solutions, sanitizers, olive oil, wine, milk, soft drinks, glycerine or pretty much any other liquid out there, GoatThroat has a pump system for you.

When it comes to ensuring food safety, the use of a CIP pump is crucial. By investing in a high-quality CIP pump, food processing facilities can enhance their operations, minimize contamination risks, and safeguard the health and well-being of consumers and your reputation.

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