*Easy* Hand Transfer Pump – No Cranking!

easy hand transfer pumpAre you tired of using clunky, hard-to-use hand pumps in your industrial setting? Look no further than GoatThroat pumps! These pumps are designed with ease of use in mind and require no cranking, making them a game changer for transferring liquids quickly and efficiently. Take it easy with our hand transfer pump – no cranking!

One of the best things about GoatThroat pumps is how easy they are to use. Unlike traditional hand pumps that can be a real workout to operate, these pumps only require a few pumps of the plunger and a gentle pull of the trigger on the nozzle and you’re in business! You control the flow and pressure with minimal effort but maximum effect. Every extra second of efficiency adds up a lot of saved time and saved muscle. Repetitive stress injuries are not uncommon in workplaces that use dated methods such as traditional hand crank pumps. Eliminate the risk and create a healthier and happier work environment with our easy hand transfer pump. 

Why Invest in a GoatThroat Pump?

The benefits of GoatThroat pumps don’t stop with just ease of use. 

  • They can handle a wide variety of liquids, from chemicals to fuels to food products. This versatility makes them a favorite in many industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, and agriculture.
  • GoatThroat pumps are also built to last. Made in America with high-quality materials, they can withstand industrial use and have a long lifespan of at least 10 years. This makes them a smart investment for any business that frequently transfers liquids.
  • Safety is also a top priority with GoatThroat pumps. They are designed to be leak-proof and come with various safety features to prevent spills and accidents. This makes our OSHA and EPA compliant pumps a great choice for environments where safety is highly regulated, such as hospitals or laboratories. 

In short, GoatThroat pumps are the perfect solution for any industrial setting looking for an easy, versatile and safe way to transfer liquids. So why settle for a hard-to-use pump when you can have a GoatThroat pump? 

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