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38 mm Glass Bottle Adapter and Stand for Drum Seal


This single threaded fitting tightly seals the glass bottle and uses a drum seal on to the pump for a firm, emission free seal.  The stainless steel stand is bottom heavy to prevent the bottle from tipping over.  Please advise pump type or seal to get the correct gaskets.  Pump sold separately.

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DQGT Finalist2017 Gold Winner – Product of the Year in Fluid Handling.  Need to find a pump to work with your DrumQuik® applications   or are you looking for a threaded fitting between the pump and the drum? Check out the DQGT – compatible with DrumQuik– co-developed with CPC – Colder Products Inc. Designed as an engineering control to improve worker safety, sustainability and environmental compliance for point-of-use liquid transfer, the GoatThroat DQGT Pump System works with all DrumQuik inserts. Pumps from GoatThroat prevent the hazards usually associated with transferring liquids such as unwanted vapors, leaks and spills.

The DrumQuik for GoatThroat (DQGT) sealed chemical dispense/pumping system is designed to minimize/eliminate corrosive chemical exposure to technicians, prevent hazardous spills into the environment, minimize inventory loss due to evaporation, and protect the purity of the chemical while dispensing liquids at point of use and when transferring the system from barrel to barrel. With a DrumQuik dip-tube closure installed in the container, only the 2-lb DQGT pump head is moved to the next barrel. Featuring secure, threaded closure options for most common plastic and metals drums, the DQGT installs easily on barrels providing a sealed system that maintains liquid purity and prevents noxious vapors from escaping into the environment.

The DQGT Pump System is available as standard in either Viton® or EPDM or with an FEP upgrade to match the chemical resistance required for use with over 1,400 commonly used liquids and chemicals. To find out more,  call GoatThroat toll free +1 866-639-4628 or +1 646-486-3636.

See a video of how easy it is to use.

Barrel & Pail Adapters

Because chemicals arrive at your facility in so many different sized containers:  barrels, pails, jerri cans  in 1 gallon up to 5 gallon containers,IBC totes,  GoatThroat Pumps has one of the largest offerings of adapter in the world. And if we don’t have it yet, we will make it for you


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