Acetone Handling Precautions; The Goatthroat Safety Solution!

acetone barrelIf you’re a facility manager charged with ordering chemicals and chemical transfer systems, you’re probably no stranger to the hazards of handling dangerous chemicals like acetone. Though acetone poses many moderate safety risks to employees, its most urgent threat is its high flammability. In the wrong situation, an acetone spill can quickly become an unmanageable fire ending in tragedy. Don’t turn a blind eye to inefficient, unsafe acetone transfer systems; it could be a mistake you regret for the rest of your life. Instead, go with a GoatThroat pump from our SCP line for the ultimate in acetone handling precautions.

Say No To Spillage

Acetone spillage is a serious ordeal for a number of reasons. From a business perspective, frequent acetone spills due to inferior transfer systems can become a huge, totally unnecessary loss of costly chemicals; it’s simply wasted money. From a safety perspective, acetone spillage is a far more devastating event, risking the health and even the lives of valued employees. It’s time to do away with ineffective, unsafe methods of chemical transfer and revolutionize your enterprise with a GoatThroat pump.

Say Yes To Safety

When you use a pump from our SCP line of pumps, you’re getting a masterfully designed mechanism capable of handling flammable liquids with ease. Our SCP pumps meet NFPA 77 and NFPA 30 requirements, so you can rest easy knowing that your new pump measures up to the most stringent safety precautions in the industry. At GoatThroat, we can’t understand how the tip-and-pour method of chemical transfer still exists, let alone how it remains commonplace in warehouses and laboratories around the world! Say yes to safety with an accurate, precise pour from a GoatThroat pump.

Save A Bit Along The Way; Benefits Of Acetone Safety Precautions

Taking the high road is never easy, but it always pays off in the long run. Employees and insurance companies alike would prefer the use of safe equipment for handling flammable liquids. When you put the safety of your employees first by choosing a pump from GoatThroat, you’ll get a few perks of your own. Not only will you save significantly by virtually eliminating acetone spillage, you’ll get the added benefit of our industry-leading empty barrel efficiency; our hand pumps will leave your barrels empty to RCRA standards, reducing wasted product and maximizing company profit. There is a multitude of industries that reap the benefits of our pump systems, and we have excellent reviews to back it up. Reach out and choose a pump from our SCP line today to kickstart your company’s superior safety!