The Only One-Touch Pressurized Antifreeze Pump

imageIf your business deals heavily in antifreeze, you may be working much harder than you have to be. Clunky chemical transfer systems have been needlessly complicating antifreeze transfer and distribution from day one, but the idea that chemical transfer has to be a cumbersome chore is a myth. Here to prove it is the GT/SCP 200 EPDM antifreeze pump from GoatThroat; the pump that will easily and efficiently turn your antifreeze transfer nightmares into a dream come true!

Under Pressure; The Good Kind

Unlike other transfer systems that require strenuous cranking, or even the dreaded tip and pour method, GoatThroat pumps function by creating pressure within the antifreeze container. The pressurizing process is easy, and can either be achieved by hand pumping or by connecting the pump to an air compressor. This novel approach to transfer delivers even, balanced pours with the simplicity of a single touch, eliminating the spurts and spills that can make working with antifreeze such a headache!

The Safe Way To Move Antifreeze

Antifreeze is incredibly dangerous, and, if ingested, even a small amount can result in fatal poisoning for humans and animals. Its main ingredient, ethylene glycol, is actually attractive to dogs and cats, owing to its sweet taste. Whether you have pets around your place of business or are just concerned about the common catastrophes of slip and fall accidents, caution when transferring antifreeze is a must! An antifreeze pump from GoatThroat drastically decreases spillage with the pinpoint precision of its pours, safeguarding you, your valued employees, and even your furry friends from the dangers of improper antifreeze handling.

Varied & Versatile

Another huge advantage of a GoatThroat antifreeze pump is its adaptability. If you’re dealing with different sized containers, our pumps can be modified to match! With a variety of accessories and adapters, our pumps can be fitted for just about any drum, barrel, bottle can, or pail you’re likely to come up against; we even have a fitting for Nalgene pours! 

Get An Antifreeze Pump From GoatThroat Today!

Looking for another reason to go with GoatThroat? Our pumps are produced from materials known to last for 10 years or more; when you buy an antifreeze pump from us, it may just be the last pump you’ll ever need. Get pumped; experience the GoatThroat difference today!