The BEST Liquid Transfer Pump: No Hand-Cranking Necessary

best liquid transfer pumpSince the dawn of liquid and chemical-reliant businesses, people have been researching and refining the best way to transfer liquids and chemicals; the perfect combination of ease and efficiency. After decades of progress, several hits and many misses, the pump to beat all pumps is finally here. See what all the fuss is about – revolutionize the way you transfer liquids with a GoatThroat pump. It’s quite simply the best liquid transfer pump in the business.

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Out With The Old

New advances in technology make the old ways of doing things inefficient and obsolete, but it’s only a matter of time before they too are ousted in the name of something new. This couldn’t be more obvious than in liquid transfer. Basic, physically demanding pumping methods like cranking and working a lever were once the cutting edge industry standard, but it’s high time they took a backseat to the best pump in the room; the quick, convenient brilliance of a pump from GoatThroat. But how exactly do our pumps make mincemeat of the competition?

The Power Of Pressure

GoatThroat pumps take a novel approach to liquid transfer, harnessing the power of pressure to deliver easy, measured pours with all the consistency of a trustworthy tap or faucet. A few low intensity pumps will fully pressurize almost any container, from a 2 gallon jug to a 55 gallon drum! Once pressurized, our pumps can dispense liquids with the touch of a tap, opening the gateway to a spill-proof siphon. 

The Shangri La Of Safe Pumping

As mentioned before, older methods of chemical transfer were not only inefficient, but physically demanding as well. Repetitive cranking motions and lever operation aren’t kind on the body, and can quickly lead to shoulder and back issues. This is another area where GoatThroat pumps excel! Simple and painless, a couple of pumps creates enough pressure in the container to take the pressure off of your body! Get one of our pumps and kiss your chemical transfer chiropractor goodbye!

The Best Liquid Transfer Pump—Hands Down.

As years have passed, invention and innovation in the liquid transfer business have led to bold new developments and exciting new products. The nature of change begs the question: is there ever a point of no improvement; a pump so completely efficient and easy to use that there’s no need to keep inventing? Try one of our pumps and we guarantee you’ll agree; the search is over. So if you want the absolute best in liquid transfer, go with a GoatThroat pump today!