Better Than Electric: Fluid Transfer Pump with One-Touch Flow Control

Screen Shot 2022 05 02 at 3.59.31 PMWhen it comes to chemical transfer, many businesses have decided that an electric fluid transfer pump is the way to go; frankly, we disagree. Why? Because here at GoatThroat, we’ve created a transfer pump that outperforms the power-consuming complexity of any electric pump out there. Simple yet sophisticated, our pumps achieve the highest-quality chemical transfer possible, all without relying on electricity or undue physical exertion. For a better idea of why you should always choose a GT pump over the competition, read on!

All The Power…Without Power!

What would we do without electricity? A gateway to countless inventions, conveniences and cultural progress, it’s nearly impossible to envision life without it. And yet, all it takes is a simple power outage to understand how fragile the technological tether really is. Products that require electricity to function will always be limited, relying either on the availability of outlets, long, cumbersome extension cords, or batteries.

On the other hand, GoatThroat pumps are entirely self-sufficient, functioning on an ingenious container-pressurization process. A series of simple, unstrained pumps, and your container will be pressurized enough to provide a clean, continuous flow controlled precisely by our revolutionary one-touch tap system. No strings, no frills, no limitations. 

What’s On Tap? Total Control.

Where other methods of chemical transfer often falter when it comes to precision, GoatThroat pumps shine. We’ve taken tap technology, used worldwide in restaurants and bars for its reliable accuracy, and incorporated it into our design for a cutting edge, chemical pump powerhouse. No more sloppy, unclean cut offs, unpredictable pours, and disappointing spills; just measured dependability and a refreshing peace of mind.

Electric Fluid Transfer Pumps Vs. The Mechanical Masterpiece

These days, system engineering focuses largely on electrical power, forsaking the mechanical innovations of the past for machine-computer hybrids like contemporary cars. Electric pumps fall into this category, relying on mechanical and electrical systems to operate. Though clearly convenient, electrical systems often fail long before the mechanical, leaving you with an unusable product that could’ve lasted years longer. 

In a quest to design a durable, long-lasting transfer pump, we decided to forego electrical systems to create a mechanical masterpiece built on quality parts proven to stand the test of time; up to ten years, to be exact! So if you’re ready for a pump with a brilliantly basic design, reliable results and an unparalleled lifespan, pickup a GoatThroat pump today!