New EPA Paraquat Requirements Impacting AgriBusiness; Agriculture Equipment Leader GoatThroat Pumps to Develop a Solution

EPA Paraquat Requirements - Chemical Pumps

New EPA requirements for handling the restricted use pesticide include special training, new labeling and new closed-system packaging.  GoatThroat Pumps announces plans to develop new equipment to match the new packaging, continuing its legacy for manufacturing quality products for safe handling of agricultural chemicals.

MILFORD, Conn., June 25, 2019 – In response to several fatalities and other serious injuries, the EPA issued new requirements for handling paraquat (paraquat dichloride, which may be known to growers under many brand names,e.g.,Gramoxone, Firestorm, Helmquat, and Parazone) that will significantly impact agribusiness. While the new requirements are intended to help protect those handling the Restricted Use Pesticide, and others who may come into contact with it, it will have a ripple effect for farmers, manufacturers and the agriculture community.

EPA’s New Requirements

Many of the accidental paraquat-related deaths and poisoning incidents werea result of people illegally transferring the pesticide to beverage containers, which was then ingested by victims, some children, when they mistakenly thought it was a drink. There have also been several severe injuries from paraquat touching handlers’ skin or eyes.

Focused on additional education and implementing safer handling of the herbicide, the new EPA requirements include special training, special certification, and new and special closed system packaging containers, which also requires new special closed system equipment to be developed and in use by Jan 2020.

Certified applicators are now required to take an EPA approved on-line paraquat-specific training every three years, which emphasizes proper handling, transferring and storage of the chemical. The training also covers paraquat toxicity, new label requirements and restrictions, and consequences of misuse.  On-line certification is available now, and an effort is underway to make face-to-face training available for applicators who do not use computers.

GoatThroat Pumps Develop New Equipment

A global closed-system equipment leader, GoatThroat Pumps is on the front lines with farmers and product manufacturers as these new EPA requirements go into effect. In business for the last two decades, GoatThroat Pumps has established its reputation as an international leader for making quality closed-system equipment that avoid costly chemical spills and help keep employees safe.

GoatThroat Pumps is monitoring the development of the new paraquat packaging designs and plans to create its new closed-system equipment to match, making the transition for farmers and the agriculture community as seamless as possible.  Already the only system made for small containers that keep the package in its full upright during use, GoatThroat Pumps’ new equipment will continue to keep paraquat handlers safe from leaks, spills and drips.

GoatThroat will make additional announcements about its new line of equipment, once the new paraquat packaging is finalized.