No Tipping, Spilling or Leaking – Our Oil Drum Pumps Make Transfer Easy

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Oil spills in any context are bad, but shop owners especially know the frustration of a messy spill that wastes product and creates a dangerous work environment. That’s why we designed a product that eliminates costly and hazardous spills. With no tipping, spilling or leaking – oil drum pumps make transfer easy!

Oil Spill Dangers

oil drum pumpAs beautiful as the rainbow hues of an oil spill or leak can be, it can be just as deadly as it is pretty. Aside from wasting valuable product (something no business needs) oil spills also present a tripping or slipping risk. 

GoatThroat keeps your work environment free of hazardous oil spills or leaks with our gravity-powered pump that transfers fluid with just a few strokes of the plunger and a gentle squeeze on the spout. 

Tip Your Servers, Not Your Massive Hazardous Liquid Containers

Frequently, in an effort to save time, gallon containers of oil may be tipped awkwardly to transfer the liquid into another container. This leads to frequent drips, leaks, and full-on gallons of spills. If you have someone else willing to hold a funnel, it can be done slightly more easily but even then you’re wasting valuable time and energy on a task that can be done quickly, safely, and spill-free by just one person when you use a GoatThroat oil drum pump. Since our oil drum pump uses just a few pumps to create pressure, gravity does all the heavy lifting for you and gives you the ability to transfer a liquid up to 6 feet above your oil drum! Your back will be thanking you for not trying to lift and tip that heavy container. 

With the American-made GoatThroat oil drum pump you can have the best of both worlds: lots of haste without the waste!

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