ISO-Compliant Diesel Hand Pump Allows for Safe, Smooth Transfer of DEF

diesel hand pump

We’ve all been hit hard by high regular and diesel gas prices these days, but the costs of several other automotive fluids have risen as well, notably DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). You won’t waste a drop of that precious liquid when you use our diesel hand pump which allows for safe, smooth transfer of DEF and is ISO compliant! 

How Does it Work?

Our American-made diesel hand pump can be screwed to the top of most industry standard DEF drum containers, and with a few pumps and the touch of a trigger on the spout, gravity does all the work and gives you utmost control in transferring or dispensing DEFs in other containers.

DEF-initely The Pump For You

One of the huge perks of our diesel pump is the capability to transfer DEF 6 feet above the container, which eliminates the need to hoist a heavy container or unsafely balance it on something else. Unlike our competitor’s pumps, our pump is able to transfer or dispense DEF at up to 3 – 4 gallons GPM with only 4 psig. A BGA pneumatic adapter can be added so that DEF is always available without needing to repump by hand. 

ISO Compliant?

We are proud to provide a diesel hand pump that complies with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to help create a safe and healthy environment for automotive workers. It’s easy to ignore the safety hazard created by tipping a large container of DEF into a funnel, but spills and air toxicity are very real contributors to poor health and an unsafe work environment. By controlling the flow of a DEF transfer, you can stop drips in on the floor, prevent fumes in the air, and protect your lungs!

We know the importance of maintaining the purity of your DEF solution. We’ve taken care to create a diesel hand pump that will keep your engines running smoothly and your budget from being squeezed by needlessly wasted product due to sloppy transfer or dispensing. The drip-free design of our pressurized hand pump spout keeps your shop floor clean and eliminates costly spills.  

Check out our automotive hand pump page to find the right pump for you!