Refillable Bulk Brake Cleaner Dispenser Pump System

Bulk Brake Cleaner Dispenser PumpHave you ever bought olive oil in bulk at Costco and regretted the decision when trying to pour the unwieldy container at home? We have all tried to save a buck by buying in bulk and end up accidentally wasting products due to the impractical nature of massive storage containers. The automotive industry commonly uses bulk storage for brake cleaner, but if it’s not transferred correctly into a sprayer dispenser, the wasted product is not just financially detrimental but the extra chemicals expelled into the air while transferring the fluid are hazardous to you and your employees’ health. 

The GoatThroat pump system is ideal for refilling brake cleaner dispensers from bulk containers because it transfers fluid with ease and zero chemical waste.

How GoatThroat’s Bulk Brake Cleaner Dispenser Pump Helps Your Bottom Line

If using brake cleaner is a daily or even weekly occurrence for your operation, buying bulk is clearly the more economical decision. However, a 30-gallon container is bound to be more cumbersome than a more manageable 1-gallon or 5-gallon container. So facility managers are faced with a dilemma: either save money buying bulk product and risk wasting it through evaporation, spills, etc., OR buy in smaller quantities and waste time and money. 

With GoatThroat, those are no longer your only two options. Our pump system makes it easy to transfer the brake cleaner from a bulk container. Instead of tipping and pouring, the GoatThroat Pump is sealed to the top of your drum and uses pressure to create an adjustable flow of brake cleaning fluid that puts you in control. 

After you pump the handle a few times to create pressure inside the container, the pump does the rest of the work. The fluid inside can be dispensed by using very low pressure to push the liquid through a release valve or spout. 

This suction process allows you transfer fluid without:

  • Messy spills
  • Excess evaporation
  • Exhausting hand-cranking
  • Risking injury to the user
  • Leaving product in the container

Want to learn more about how GoatThroat can revolutionize your repair shop or automotive fleet enterprise? Check out our automotive pumps or build your own pump system with our custom pump design tool.