Sanitizer Pumps for Schools

As schools re-open across America, we know that the safety of every child, parent and family unit is paramount – that’s why GoatThroat Pumps, with Lighthouse Life Sciences, are extremely pleased to have provided two of America’s leading pre-schools with the equipment necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to their young students and teachers!

GoatThroat Pumps are used to dispense the Peroxiguard provided by Lighthouse at the school, making up just one part of the excellent cleaning procedure that they have put in place so that every parent can be happy to reunite their little ones with their school. The school sanitizes their classrooms, bathrooms, games and toys daily so that every child can stay safe and healthy while they learn and play – they even created an adorable jingle for the children to sing while washing their hands, which is too good not to finish!

These are worrying times for everyone, but especially for the parents of young children who are going back to school. Here at GoatThroat Pumps, we believe that everyone should feel safe as we adjust to the new normal – and we’re working hard to make it happen.
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