This Durable Glycol Transfer Pump Will Last for 10+ Years

Glycol Transfer Pump“They just don’t make things like they used to.” Have you ever found yourself scrapping equipment that only lasts one season before it breaks down? In the age of fast fashion, high speed internet, and next-day home delivery, we have become accustomed to speedy service but often at the expense of a quality product with lasting value. When it comes to the automotive or chemical manufacturing industries, costly storage and dispensing equipment that doesn’t stand the test of time can be a massive waste of time and money. We are proud to sell a durable glycol transfer pump that will last for ten or more years!

Why is GoatThroat the best brand for transferring glycol?

Glycol is an organic compound used by several different industries. Propylene glycol is frequently used in the food and cosmetic industries to preserve and retain moisture. Ethylene glycol is more toxic and commonly referred to as antifreeze when used in the automotive industry. However you need to use glycol, it’s important that the tools you use will maintain the integrity of the liquid product and minimize mess and toxicity while dispensing. When transferring glycol, our American-made GoatThroat pump gives you the control to safely and efficiently dispense the liquid with ease. 

How does it work?

Since our glycol transfer pump works with gravity and can be pressurized to precise measure, you need only a few pumps of the plunger and push of a button to dispense or transfer the liquid product. Unlike other pumps, you’ll be able to depend on the integrity of our product for ten or more years, a tremendous value in these times of inflation and economic uncertainty. We can provide a customized choice of pump made of material compatible for the type of glycol you’re working with. 

Tell me more!

Are you unsure of which of our pumps is the best option for you? Have no fear, our staff has created this handy, dandy chemical compatibility guide to select the appropriate model for your application. Have any questions? Our helpful staff is happy to offer expertise by phone or email.