The Best 55 Gallon Drum Transfer Pump with Adjustable Flow Rate

Screen Shot 2022 09 27 at 9.42.17 PMAs anyone who transfers chemicals knows, there are a TON of problems with hand crank pumps. For one, it’s tiring work and usually not very ergonomically sound. Extremely unsustainable for a business that needs to thrive on efficiency. Another problem is that hand cranking leaves you with a wildly unpredictable flow rate.

GoatThroat Pumps have a unique answer to this problem. We’ve created the only 55-gallon drum transfer pump that can easily be pressurized and ready to dispense fluids at the touch of a button. All you need is < 4psig to deliver precise, controlled transfer of liquids with an adjustable flow rate of up to 4.5 gallons per minute, depending on viscosity. Ready to revolutionize your operation?

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Controlling the Flow Rate – What’s the Big Deal?

Why is a precise flow rate so important for chemical operations? A few reasons:

  1. When working with hazardous materials, control equals safety. Unpredictable flow rate of dangerous chemicals means spurts, sputters and spinning out of control. A smooth, continuous flow on the other hand, allows the user to operate the pump without worry of accidents.
  2. Some operations rely on 55 gallon drum transfer pumps for mixing fluids to a precise dilution. While concentration is important, so is flow rate, so you can be sure the mixture has the exact right combination of fluids–every time. At GoatThroat, we make pumps that have been tested for compatibility with more than 2,000 chemicals. We also carry food-grade pumps.
  3. Every business understands the frustration of wasted resources. With chemical transfer, it’s no different. A controlled flow rate helps operators avoid overflow, spills and waste. Our pumps leave less than ½ inch in the drum, leaving them RCRA compliant.

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Don’t waste your company’s time and resources on messy, unreliable pumps. Upgrade to GoatThroat Pumps and experience the peace of mind knowing that not only is your workplace becoming safer, but also much more efficient. Questions about which pump or material is right for you? Contact us directly or use our Find Your Pump tool.