The Best Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump on the Market

Corrosive Chemical Transfer PumpLooking for a corrosive chemical transfer pump? If you own a business that largely relies on hazardous chemicals, you’re no stranger to the inconveniences and caution it takes to handle these dangerous liquids (or fluids) safely. You’re probably also familiar with the physical toll that large vats and barrels can take on the body; many in the industry end up suffering from bad backs and other physical ailments due to the mishandling of oversized chemical containers. Fortunately, your solution is here; with the VitonTM corrosive chemical transfer pump from GoatThroat, your days of heavy lifting and troublesome transfers are over!

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Pumps For The Long Haul

When you’re buying a VitonTM pump from GoatThroat, you’re not buying another run-of-the-mill, throwaway pump that won’t last; you’re buying a guarantee of excellence, efficiency and longevity. Our pumps are designed with reinforced polypropylene plastic, a material with a track record for lasting a lifetime, and VitonTM elastomers capable of handling even the most corrosive chemicals with safety and ease.

Zero Effort, Zero Waste Efficiency

Tired of pumps that take serious effort to operate; weary of the waste left in the bottom of the barrel? Where other pumps keep users struggling with resistance, low pressure GoatThroat pumps take care of the work so you don’t have to. Our VitonTM pumps feature a one touch tap system that promises precise flow and instant cutoff, so you can say goodbye to spills and inconsistent pours. Furthermore, our pumps get you the most for your money, leaving only half an inch in the bottom of the barrel; this means that you get full use of the chemicals you paid for, and even end up with a barrel empty by strict RCRA standards.

A New Standard For Safety

Even the most efficient pump would be useless without safety. Here are some of the safety features that separate our VitonTM pumps from the competition:

  • Zero-tip operation ensures that harmful chemicals and fumes stay in the barrel and away from employees
  • Controlled flow eliminates spillage, doing away with slip and fall accidents
  • Low resistance pump motion eliminates back injuries caused by bending and cranking
  • Compliant with RoHS standards and considered a best practices device by most insurance companies

Find The Right Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump For You

When shopping for a pump, it’s important to find the right one for you. Every situation is unique, and not all transfer systems are a one-size-fits-all solution. Luckily, GoatThroat offers versatile solutions like adapters for smaller containers and attachments for pneumatic pumps.

If you’re still unsure, we have a team of experienced pump specialists ready and willing to help you make the best decision possible. If you already have one of our VitonTM pumps and are looking for a quick repair, check out our replacement parts page. Revolutionize the way you pump with a VitonTM pump from GoatThroat, and remember: where other pumps fail, GoatThroat will prevail!