No-Spill Ethanol Pump Makes Pumping EASY & Efficient

ethanol pumpAny business relying heavily on the efficiency of an ethanol pump knows the importance of a precise pour. A reliable, functional pump should have little margin for error, as poor design leads to inefficiency and wasted resources at best, and dangerous spills, slips and falls at worst. If you’ve been unimpressed by your experiences with cheap, disposable ethanol pumps, we’re not surprised. We can, however, promise that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel; you don’t need to keep wasting costly liquids through spillage and inefficient barrel-extraction. If you go with one of our expertly designed pumps, you’ll soon discover that GoatThroat pumps provide an efficient and safe pour.

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A Little Here And There Adds Up

Businesses handling large drums of ethanol are usually dealing with an enormous volume of product. If you’re handling vast quantities of chemicals, an efficient, well-designed drum pump is essential. GoatThroat pumps are distinguished by their thoroughness and efficiency, leaving you with empty barrels by RCRA standards; this means that you can expect a ½ inch or less at the bottom of your containers, which will save you untold amounts of money in the long run. 

Controlled Flow For Pinpoint Precision

A common design flaw in hand pumps is a poorly implemented flow control system. Like inefficiency in thoroughness, poor flow control inevitably leads to waste; only now, the waste affects employee safety. A lack of flow control means unpredictable cutoffs and unexpected spillage; spillage not only wastes valuable product, but also creates the perfect recipe for slip and fall accidents that could affect the lives of your employees permanently. GoatThroat pumps, like the Santoprene Pump & Tap Line, are masterfully designed with a one touch tap system to stop flow immediately, delivering precise volume delivery of liquids and the most efficient pour around. 

As Easy As Turning On a Faucet

Another common problem in chemical transfer comes from hand pumps which must be constantly actuated to achieve fluid flow. All of this work makes hand pumping a frustrating chore, and can quickly lead to spillage (and injury!) caused by employee fatigue. GoatThroat pumps, on the other hand, operate with pressure as low or lower than 4.1 pounds per square inch gauge, so that the pressure does most of the work for you, for total ease of operation and optimized efficiency; whether your drum is 2 gallons or 55.

No-Spill Ethanol Pump – See For Yourself!

There’s no need to lose precious products or put your employees in harm’s way simply because someone didn’t put their all into pump design. At GoatThroat, we did. When you use a GoatThroat ethanol pump, you’ll experience RCRA empty barrels, unmatched flow control and low pressure, easy operation. Do yourself, your employees and your entire business a favor: go with GoatThroat pumps!