The Safest Ethanol Transfer Pump: 10+ Years of Use

ethanol transfer pumpIn this day and age, things just aren’t made to last. Companies have decided that a quick buck is better than a quality product, meaning cheap materials and corner-cutting are the new unspoken standards. Astonishingly, even companies with long trusted track records are being bought out, replacing industry-leading quality with rubbish. When it comes to finding an ethanol transfer pump, go with GoatThroat Pumps for the longest lasting and safest pumps in the industry

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A Decision To Be Different

When we began GoatThroat Pumps, we were faced with a company-defining decision: we could either skimp on materials, producing poor-quality pumps for ultimate profit, or put the customer first, sacrificing maximum earnings to build the best quality pumps on the market. We took the high road, and immediately began investing in the most durable, long-lasting components that money could buy. In the many years since we began, our commitment to quality has paid off, with a wealth of trusting customers and a reputation for reliability.

Durability & Longevity: Pumps Made to Last 10+ Years

Plastic-made products likely call to mind flimsy, cheap, bendable, breakable items – the kind of things that end up in the trash can. But at GoatThroat, we use reinforced polypropylene plastic for our pumps, a world renowned plastic celebrated for its durability and ability to last a lifetime. Need a reference point? Go find a bowling bowl and consider its construction; that’s the plastic we use, and that’s the kind of durability to expect when going with a GoatThroat pump.

Longest Lasting Ethanol Transfer Pump in the Industry

Have you been bouncing from one pump company to the next, frustration increasing with each broken pump, mopped up mess, and pathetic pour? Don’t believe the lies of a throwaway culture; there are still products that can last and names you can trust! If you’re tired of treading water in the wake of wasted money, time and efficiency, it’s high time you sought out an industry-leading pump, such as the Santoprene Pump & Tap Line, from GoatThroat. Better your business and get pumped; you’re about to experience the pump of a lifetime – literally.