Precise Liquid Transfer Pump with Smooth, Continuous Flow

liquid transfer pump

Since the dawn of liquid-related businesses, high-volume liquid transfer has posed some significant problems. The greater the quantity, the more difficult it is to transfer liquid safely and efficiently. Countless spills and safety hazards have left companies with product loss and employee injuries, wondering if there will ever be a liquid transfer pump that can solve these problems once and for all. Welcome to GoatThroat; your transfer tribulations are over!

What’s On Tap? A Smooth, Safe Pour

In the early days of liquid transfer, when tipping and pouring was the name of the game, workers considered it an impossibility to move liquid between containers without a spill; it was an accepted part of the process. Though many have designed and produced transfer techniques to improve the process, none have perfected the art of the pour like GoatThroat. Our pumps feature a one touch tap system that makes every pour precise and predictable, leaving sputtering spigots and spillage unmissed parts of the past.

Pressure Points

liquid transfer pump

No matter how you look at it, transferring high volumes of liquid takes force. The question is, who or what is taking the brunt of the burden? Machine invention is about decreasing human pressure and fatigue, discovering ingenious ways to get the job done with as little harm to the human body as possible. At GoatThroat, we’ve designed a pump that can pressurize an entire drum with just a few strokes of a piston. No more heavy lifting or repetitive bending and cranking; it’s all the right pressure in all the right places.

The Liquid Transfer Pump Value Of A Lifetime

An ultimate answer to the age old problems of liquid transfer? “Surely,” you think, “the catch must be craftsmanship.” You’re not wrong for doubting construction quality; we live in a time of cheap tricks and shortcuts. But the pump designers at GoatThroat are as much against poorly built products as you are, and durability just happens to be one of our highest selling points. In fact, the reinforced polypropylene plastic we use is celebrated worldwide for its long lifespan. This is the same material used to make bowling balls, folks – it’s tried, true and tough as nails. So if you’re ready to revolutionize the way your business transfers liquids, pick up the premium pump with the smooth, safe pour – get a GoatThroat pump today!