Quickest & Safest Manual Drum Pump on the Market


If your business relies on draining drums to keep the show going, you need a manual drum pump that can perform to your standards, putting control in your clutches and power in the palm of your hand. Give up the gimmicks and kick cheap construction to the curb; pick up a pump from GoatThroat for RCRA empty drums and a perfect pour that comes on time, every time.

David & Goliath

The standard chemical drum is a formidable foe, and tackling it can be a tough process. How do you handle such a giant container, much less drain its contents without a messy disaster? Your drum destroyer has arrived. A GoatThroat pump is capable of easily pressurizing an entire drum with a few simple strokes of a piston, then putting all of that pressure under your complete control in the form of a flickable tap that can be adjusted for the flow you need!

Nothing Left = Winning

When you’re paying a premium price for liquids and chemicals, nothing is worse than waste. Sadly, waste is exactly what you get when relying on outdated or inefficient forms of liquid transfer. So why not go with the pump that makes haste without the waste? When used correctly, our pumps promise empty barrels and drained drums by RCRA standards which, along with our no-spill certainty, means that you’ll be saving money on both ends of the pump!

A Different Drum

In a time of cheaply made products, empty gimmicks and fall apart frills, GoatThroat is proud to dance to the beat of a different drum – versatile quality! When it comes to difficult drums and contrary containers, we have the no-spill solutions you need to get a perfect pour, regardless of your container size or style. We offer attachments that can make our pumps compatible with virtually any container out there, from a drinking cup to a drum!

The Manual Drum Pump Prizewinner!

With a review average of 4.7/5 stars, customers clearly love the ingenious design and effortless simplicity of GoatThroat pumps. As designers and everyday users, we totally understand why. That’s why we’re inviting you to discover the power of a GoatThroat pump for yourselves. Once you do, we promise that you’ll never look back. So go ahead, give yourself a perfect pour of business practicality and pick up a GoatThroat pump today!